Wild boar in the center of Turin | Video


Surprised a wild boar to walk undisturbed through the streets of central Turin. No, it is not an optical effect or a hallucination. This is a sighting even taken with a mobile phone by a Turin motorist.

The event happened last night in via Ormea in the Molinette area and the video was published by a facebook user, Vincenzo Vullo, who very surprisingly wanted to share the strange appearance with his friends.

"A boar in the middle of Turin. There is a wild boar. Incredible. In the center, in the Molinette area", the surprise and emotion of the motorist that then interrupted the live when the animal turned in his direction is tangible. But it is not the first time that such a thing happens in the area: the previous one.

A boar goes up to the balcony of a house, the mayor of the village shoots him and shoots him down

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