Who saw it: "The mother disappeared from Campofiorito is fine". But he doesn't want to go home


Claudia Stabile, the mother of Flowery field (Palermo) disappearance since a month, "She is fine" and has contacted her lawyer. To announce it is Federica Sciarelli, the presenter of "Who has seen", which in a video on Twitter said: "Wonderful news: Claudia is fine, her mother disappeared a month ago from Campofiorito. He contacted his lawyer after seeing the drawing that his daughter showed yesterday in transmission ".

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However, the woman's lawyer, Antonio Di Lorenzo, explained that Claudia does not intend to return home: "I received an email, which seems authentic, from Campofiorito's mother who passed away on October 8th, but told me that she does not intend to return at home". The woman had disappeared from Campofiorito on 8 October after telling her husband to go and buy a cake for her birthday. "I spent everything at the Commissariat – said the lawyer Di Lorenzo – the content of the e-mail tells me that it is authentic, but I repeat that it does not intend to return. The important fact is that she is alive but does not want to return ».

«He specified that he does not intend to make the mistake made years ago. We need to ascertain whether the email is authentic, cannot guarantee that it is, even if I think so ». The woman is charged in a trial that is being held at the Court of Termini Imerese for child abduction. Her husband Piero Bono denounced her because in 2016 she had abandoned the conjugal roof, taking one of her sons to Germany with her. The woman returned to Italy as soon as she arrived at the Falcone Borsellino airport had been blocked by the police.

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