who passes in group J besides Italy?


The last day of qualifying for Euro 2020 has delivered numerous verdicts on the teams that will go ahead in their path. THE'Italy, already qualified with three days in advance, ended his journey with a bombastic 9-1 against Armenia.

Therefore, Italy, which is ready and tested, is already awaiting the draws. But who else will pick the pass in group J?

Euro 2020: first time for Finland; Bosnia flop

In group J, in addition to the Azzurri, there were also Bosnia, Greece, Finland, Armenia and Lichtenstein. Mancini's boys competed separately, scoring 10 victories in 10 games. The second place was contested by Bosnia, Finland and Greece.

A little surprising, the Finnish team has cut the pass for Europeans with a day ahead, confirming the important growth of an entire movement. This is a historical qualification for Finland, which will participate in the event for the first time in its history.

The opposite is true for Bosnia, which finished in fourth place, behind a Greece in crisis, collecting just 13 points. Dzeko and his companions did not shine at all, but they will still be able to qualify. Let's see why.

From the Nations League the other four places for Euro 2020

We were saying, Bosnia will still have a hope of qualifying for the next Europeans. Yes, because 20 teams will come out of the qualifications; the last four places will be contested based on the results of the last Nations League.

In particular, the four winners of each Nations League group will compete in the League's play-offs to which they belong. Thus, the highest ranked team in each league will play against the fourth classified; the second one with the third will play the second semifinal.

Fortunately, Bosnia won its own group (3) of the B League, to the detriment of Austria and Northern Ireland. Therefore, waiting for the last verdicts of the qualifications, Bosnia licks its wounds and reflects waiting to know its opponent in the play-offs.

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