Which titles do you prefer with Wall Street on historical highs?


A trend like that of the American markets could not be seen from the bubble of 2000. And then which securities do you prefer with Wall Street on historical highs? What are the profitable and high dividend actions? We will try to answer by analyzing specifically a share of the telecommunications technology sector, just to stay on the subject.

The trading and investment tips are normally to be taken with due caution, especially when you are a novice. Investing and earning on the stock market is not a simple thing. But it becomes profitable when it is possible to implement strategies based on strict rules, starting from objective assumptions.

The decisive factors for the valuation of a stock

Among the factors that contribute to the analysis of a title and prefer it to another, we find first of all i business fundamentals and the dividend yield. In the case of the former, well, it is quite obvious that no one would dream of investing money in a company that makes water from all sides or that sells itself as profitable when it is not. In this regard it is important to remember the statistics published on this year's IPOs to understand how dangerous it is not to evaluate the fundamentals of a company before buying its shares.

The opportunity represented by dividends

As for the dividend yield, is essential in the overall balance sheet of your investment portfolio. American equities offer a great opportunity, for example, to Italian ones: quarterly or monthly. A characteristic that can sometimes represent a real income, comparable to a salary or a pension.

A profitable stock on Wall Street

Having said that we move on to the analysis of the title we mentioned in the introduction, that is Qualcomm Incorporated (QCOM). We have already analyzed some aspects of the title that we can only take up again for confirmations regarding the trend, in perfect harmony with what was announced.

Qualcomm chart

In the last analysis in October we pointed out that the stock price target was $ 90. In reality, not only has it been achieved, but it seems to have been overcome with the intention of further increases.

Qualcomm History

And from the point of view of the maximums reached, from the graph it is clear how the current price is its historical maximum, which before today had only been touched in 2000 (for obvious reasons that can be imagined, given the sector to which they belong)

Qualcomm dividend table

Qualcomm is among the actions that make you earn?

A profitable trading plan that includes portfolio diversification should certainly include Qualcomm, which in our opinion responds very well to the question of which securities prefer with Wall Street over historical highs. The title meets two important criteria such as the solidity of the fundamentals and the respectable dividend. But perhaps the reasons that push to focus on the title are linked to the absolutely favorable prospects linked to 5G technology, which will represent, at least in forecasts, a fundamental node for sector titles.

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