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The bad weather that for days has been breaking down over most of Italy, tomorrow, Monday 11 November, it will mainly affect Southern Italy. And the rains and thunderstorms will not leave some Regions in peace in particular, for which the Civil Protection has issued aweather alert both for the strong winds and for the storms expected for November 11th. The most affected areas are those of Sicily and Calabria, which is why some mayors have decided to close the schools beforehand to avoid excessive inconvenience and more serious damage for parents and students. The closed schools in Italy they are, as mentioned, above all in the South and in some areas of Calabria and Sicily: let's see what is the list of cities in which the institutions will remain closed due to bad weather.

Schools closed due to bad weather in Sicily

In Sicily tomorrow, Monday 11 November, a weather alert is scheduled orange that will start from late morning. But it is difficult to predict the exact start of the storms, some mayors have decided to order the closure of schools. This is what happens, for example, ad Acireale. In Ragusa, on the other hand, schools closed to Ispica and Pozzallo. Again, closures also in Castelvetrano, in the province of Trapani. In the list of municipalities that have set up closures for tomorrow there is also Agrigento. In the same area we also find Palma di Montechiaro and Naro, as well as Ribera and Sciacca.

Bad weather, schools closed in Calabria for the weather alert

Orange alert also on Calabria, in particular on the ionic zone. An alert that will start at 12 and will go on until midnight. The provinces of Catanzaro and Crotone are particularly affected. In the Catanzaro area there is a list of municipalities that have decided to close schools: Soverato, Borgia, Caraffa, Montepaone, Simeri Crichi, Sersale, Gizzeria, Badolato. But also: Argusto, Nocera Terinese, Cardinal, Cenadi, Magisano, Cerva, Isca, Pentone, Palermiti. In the evening the capital was added to the list Catanzaro. Furthermore, the closure of schools is also planned a Crotone, in the provincial capital city. It is not excluded that these ordinances will be followed by others prepared by different municipalities.

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