"When he told me, I got angry, but he had foreseen everything"


Corinna Betsch, wife of Michael Schumacher, returns to speak publicly six years after the last interview and after his daughter, the 22-year-old Gina Maria, he triumphed in a horse race wearing the suit of the Ferrari that belonged to his father. He does this by paying homage to her husband, whose health always maintains total secrecy. At the heart of his statements to "She's Mercedes Magazine" the passion that she also feels for horses. A love born thanks to her husband, the Formula One capion involved in a snow accident in December 2013.Read also> Gina Schumacher queen in Verona: Michael's daughter triumphs at the Fieracavalli show

The woman said that it all started when her husband gave her a ranch a Givrins for the tenth wedding anniversary: ​​«I don't forget who I have to thank for this, my husband Michael. When I was 30 and I dreamed of having a horse, he made me fly to Dubai to buy an Arabian horse ». A passion that gave them the strength to face the tragedy that swept over her family.

Corinna won the gold medal at the 2010 European championships of the National Reining Horse Association and now owns 40 horses and two ranches in Switzerland and Texas. In his footsteps, his daughter Gina, engaged in these days in theElementa Masters Premiere, the Italian competition in the reining category (not pro). "I feel the greatest pride," he said of the 22-year-old. A family of sportsmen, since even his son wanted to follow his father by jumping into Formula One.

What struck at this time, however, is the final performance in the historic Ferrari suit. The Amazon gave emotions to her audience. «I could not have chosen another theme than the Ferrari one for my costume. We are in Italy, I represent the Schumacher family and Ferrari is a myth, "said Gina. Michael himself had foreseen the success of his daughter, as Corrina recounts: «He told me that one day Gina Maria would have been better than me and then I didn't like it very much. I worked day and night with horses trying to understand everything. But he said that I was too pretty and that Gina had more pulse and character and that my husband saw it ".

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