WhatsApp turns into an e-commerce: the novelty


November 8, 2019 – Perhaps Mark Zuckerberg has finally found a way to monetize the acquisition, at a staggering price ($ 19.3 billion), of Whatsapp: transforming the instant messaging app into a store.

The Facebook group has in fact just launched in some countries, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, India and Indonesia (the arrival in the rest of the world is expected "soon"),"Catalog". It is, as the name suggests, a product catalog and the new functionality is reserved for WhatsApp Business, the version of WhatsApp dedicated to companies and small and medium-sized businesses. At the moment Catalog it is a simple showcase, also very easy and intuitive to make, but it does not allow you to buy anything directly from the app: those interested in the product click on a link that then sends it to the actual e-commerce. But it is clear that something is changing.

How does Catalog for WhatsApp Business work?

At the moment, since the purchase in the app is not foreseen, the idea behind it Catalog is to create a product catalog that can be shared with all contacts (and therefore potential customers) we have on WhatsApp Business. The procedure is very simple: if the app is up to date (to see the Italian app with Catalog we will have to wait, we do not know yet how much), within the Business Settings we will find the new functionality. Here we can tap on a button to add a product or service and a form will open where we can insert a photo (from the gallery or directly accessing the camera) and the main information on the product / service: name, price, description, link to e-shop and product code.

How to use Catalog to sell with WhatsApp

Catalog serves to "Show and share your products or services"He explains Whatsapp in the presentation video. After completing all our catalog, we will be able to share the card relating to each individual product directly with our contacts: it will be enough, inside a normal chat, to look for it among the attachments where now besides "Document","Tunnel","Audio","Position" is "Contact"We will also find"Catalog". The shared card will appear in the chat stream and our contact can click on it to open it and read the details. If you wish to purchase you can click on the link.

Will we buy directly from WhatsApp?

It's clear that Catalog it's just a first step towards one radical transformation of WhatsApp Business. Its intuitiveness is so high that buying in the app is the logical next step. However, at the moment it has not been communicated if, and when, we can buy a product or service directly from the WhatsApp app.

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