What's the worst song by Freddie Mercury?


Throughout his career, Freddie Mercury has made incredible songs on both the Queen and her solo parenthesis. What is certain is that if one thinks of British education, texts like that of We Are The Champions, We Will Rock You or Bohemian Rhapsody, but there are so many songs – more or less known – that are characterized by incredible lyrics, even if you look at the two studio albums published by Freddie Mercury. And yet, in an artistic level of such great quality, Freddie Mercury has also produced low quality products; we decided to tell you about the worst song by Freddie Mercury which, however, has achieved tremendous success for a specific reason: which one?

Love Kills, the worst song by Freddie Mercury

Is exactly Love Kills the worst song in Freddie Mercury's solo career. Although it may be a questionable judgment, which can lead to consequent polemics and clashes, various moments can be cited to support a thesis that can emphasize that, even in a career full of successes, even the leader of Queen has produced products below expectations or which, in some way, have disappointed.

In a context of this kind, which for many might seem unprecedented and which has been able to upset in the past, Love Kills received a humbling Razzie Award nomination (pre-Oscar event that "rewards" the worst products of the year) together with Prince, David Sembello and Dolly Parton (which has even received two mentions). In the end, the British singer managed to avoid the scorching humiliation of receiving an award that was anything but rewarding, since the award was given to Dolly Parton for her incredibly negative Drinkenstein.

How Love Kills has been successful

Also there worst song by Freddie Mercury she was able to succeed; if we analyze the career of the British singer, we can only confirm a practically undeniable trend, according to which the great successes are not only incredible songs, with very high level texts or that have excellent artistic peculiarities, but also those songs that do not they are at the level of the former and that this view can be considered worse sleep.

However, there is also another aspect to consider Love Kills – despite being the worst song of Freddie Mercury – to achieve success and media transport: Metropolis. The silent film and pioneer of the science fiction film was restored by Giorgio Moroder and the 1927 film was reworked, through the inclusion of a different soundtrack including the song by the British singer. Although the song was, from the start, labeled as one of the worst of the Queen leader, it was the first single to reach the top 10 in the UK sales chart.

Later, Freddie Mercury saw other singles having the same destiny, although they were considered actually better and worthy of their placement: "The Great Pretender", "Barcelona", "In My Defense" and "Living On My Own" (1993)

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