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THE 2019 heating bonus they can be an aid to families who need to change their stoves, air conditioners, boilers and heat pumps at this time of year. It is about tax deductions up to 65% that allow you to buy heating systems by paying less, thanks also to the approval of the Eco Bonus 2019-2020.

Discounts apply to different heating systems, such as pellet stoves is boilers, but the amounts and methods for taking advantage of the deductions vary. Let's see when you can ask and get one of the 2019-2020 heating bonuses, and what they are.

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Heating bonus 2019-2020: deductions on boilers

The bonus boilers is a deduction envisaged by the Budget Law 2019 and extended also for 2020, which provides for the possibility of buying different types of boilers with one discount up to 65%.

The percentage discount on the purchase of the new boiler varies according to the type of heating system that you decide to compare, and specifically:

Condensing boilers

Class A condensing boilers can be purchased at a discount of up to 65%, accompanied by the installation of:

  • advanced thermoregulation systems, belonging to classes V, VI or VIII of the Commission communication 2014 / C 207/02;
  • systems equipped with hybrid appliances, consisting of a heat pump integrated with a condensing boiler.

Otherwise a deduction of up to 50% is allowed for the costs for the purchase of a class A condensing boiler, provided for by the regulation (EU) n.18 / 2013.

Biomass boilers

They can be purchased with a deduction of up to 65%, up to a maximum of 30 thousand euros (on a maximum expense of 46,153.85 euros).

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2019 heating bonus: deductions on air conditioners

The bonus on the purchase of air conditioners different types of support are included, such as the building renovation, the ecobonus or the furniture bonus. To receive the deduction on the purchase of the air conditioner it will be necessary to keep the seller's receipt and proceed to payment via traceable transactions.

Here are the heating systems that can be purchased with the air conditioner bonus.

  • Energy saving air conditioners bonus

    Heat pump air conditioners can be purchased with a deduction of up to 65%. The discount is valid if the heating system is purchased for any building: homes, offices, shops, etc.

  • A + conditioners bonus with renovation

    Through the mobile bonus, air conditioners of class A + can be purchased with an immediate 50% discount, in case of restructuring for individual homes or condominiums.

  • Bonus air conditioners without restructuring

    If you were unable to purchase the air conditioner through the mobile bonus (and therefore without proceeding with the renovation work), you can replace the old heating system with air conditioning or a high energy efficiency heat pump conditioner. In this case the discount is 65%.

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2019-2020 pellet stove bonus

The heating bonus also includes the purchase bonus pellet stoves, heating system that uses ecological and economical combustible materials for maximum yields.

To buy one pellet stove, you can take advantage of both the deduction and the discount, based on the preferences of the buyer.

If you want to buy a pellet stove with a deduction, you must declare the purchase using the 730 model or the new model Un Unico. In this case you are entitled to a 50% or 60% refund in the following ways:

  • Pellet stove with Bonus Furniture. If the purchase is made in conjunction with a restructuring, you are entitled to a 50% restructuring bonus deduction;
  • Pellet stove with Ecobonus. If the purchase is made to improve energy efficiency, you are entitled to Ecobonus 2019 at 65%.

If you want to buy the pellet stove with the discount instead, you must proceed to the purchase by bank transfer and send the communication to the Revenue Agency.

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