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The images of Venice completely submerged byhigh water following the bad weather that has brought Italy to its knees and are traveling around the world. Faulty telephone lines, damage to the crypt of the Basilica of San Marco, boats driven by the wind on the calli: in short, a "total devastation, apocalyptic ", as the Veneto governor Luca Zaia defined it, adding to Luigi Brugnaro, the mayor of the lagoon city, who in the last hours recorded the record of the high level tide since 1966, touching 1 meter and 87. A difficult situation, which turned the spotlight back on Moses, the great project that should have protected Venice from any eventuality flooding, never completed but cost 7 billion euros and at the center of a twisted affair of corruption, which involved some of the greatest exponents of local politics. So many controversy past and present, which are returning at this time of emergency and which has pushed the Minister for Relations with Parliament Federico D'Inca to announce that "the nomination of the commissioner of the Mose will be shortly to be finished as soon as possible".

What is the Mose in Venice

To understand why these controversies have erupted, which have come from Rome to Rome, we need to take a step back, first of all explaining what Mose is. With this name, it stands for "Electromechanical Experimental Module"we designate a barrier between the Venice lagoon and the Adriatic to prevent flooding. Specifically, we read on the official website, it is" 4 barriers made up of 78 movable gates independent of each other, able to temporarily separate the lagoon from the sea and to defend Venice both from exceptional and destructive tidal events, and from the more frequent ones. The barriers are located at the port mouths of Lido, Malamocco is Chioggia. The Mose can protect Venice and the lagoon from tides up to 3 meters high and by raising the sea level up to 60 centimeters in the next 100 years ". Therefore, an ambitious project for a total of 2005 5.493 million euros. Its realization started in 2003, almost 17 years ago, when there was the head of the government Silvio Berlusconi. Work started that year by Consorzio Venezia Nuova, acting on behalf of the Venice Water Authority, issued by the Ministry of Infrastructure, with the declared objective of "ensuring the complete defense of the territory from flooding, not changing the water exchanges at the port mouths, not having fixed intermediate piles in the canals to the mouths of the port, do not interfere with the landscape, do not interfere with the economic activities that take place through the same mouths ". But it was already at the eighties that the idea of ​​building these barriers began to take shape.

Mose, the scandal recycled bribes and Galan's troubles

However the ambitious work, which should have been completed by 2016, to today, in November 2019, is still incomplete. Over the years, in fact, the project has been at the center of a series of scandals. In 2014, the Venezia Nuova Consortium, concessionaire of the Ministry of Infrastructure for the realization of the works, was even State commissioner, since several of its members had been involved in the investigations of the judiciary for having received illicit funds and they had bargained the penalty. Since then, several commissioners have followed. In 2018 there were other investigations, which were launched for international money laundering and financial activity, in which the former governor of the Veneto Region was once again involved, Giancarlo Galan (Forza Italia), who had already served a plea bargain in 2014 for corruption of 2 years and 10 months, then spent under house arrest. According to the investigators, the tangents of the Mose collected by the former president would have been reinvested in luxury apartments a Dubai and industrial buildings in Veneto. According to sources in the Venice public prosecutor's office, the reconstruction of the money flows linked to Mose and attributable to Galan started from the office of a Paduan accountant, who in turn ended up in the network of 35 people arrested in 2014 by the Guardia di Finanza for bribes on Mose. Not just Galan. The then minister of the environment and infrastructure also appeared in the 2014 survey Matteoli altered (Forza Italia), who was sentenced to four years.

At what point is the Mose today

The judicial troubles have done further slow down the completion of the project in all these years has come to cost the beauty of 7 billion euros, "today submerged under the high water of the Lagoon", as we read on the web. Among the various problems encountered, there is also the fact that in these years of use of the Mose there is the artificial reshaping of the mouths of the port, which interrupts the natural hydrogeologue and ecosystems with the lagoon. But at what point are the works for the construction of the barriers today? During the Chamber hearing on 26 July 2018 the engineer Francesco Ossola, extraordinary administrator of the CNV, had declared that "the works are completed for a percentage of 93 percent". On 31 October, the Venezia Nuova Consortium announced, however, that the complete lifting of the barrier laid at the mouth of the port of Malamocco, the deepest inlet of the lagoon, was postponed to another date. So still one nothing done. As the Ansa reports, it is fixed now at 31 December 2021 the conclusion and delivery of the Mose, at the end of the testing phase of the final system of the systems that move the system's dams. But only those who live will see.

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