What happened to Florenzi captain?



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What happened to Florenzi captain?

Where have you been Florenzi? The Roma coach did not want to answer the question at the end of the game, but the fact is that the captain in pectore is no longer on the field since it now seems to have definitely ended up at the bottom of the hierarchies of Fonseca. A flu attack has led to a continuous exclusion that can only make people argue given the importance, at least on paper, of the player.

TACTICAL EQUIVOCO – One of the shy explanations given halfway by the coach is related to the role of Florenzi, who for the Portuguese is not a defensive outsider and therefore should play further ahead. In summary, either you go to the midfield at five, or you will have to play the place with Zaniolo and Under, a task that is definitely not simple. The fact is that the only veteran of the "Romanism", beheaded with goodbyes before Totti and then De Rossi, seems to have been set aside by the coach, who in turn prefers all the players available. Obviously it is not just a physical problem, otherwise it would have been easy to answer journalists' curiosity in the press room, so we will have to wait again to see if the union between Fonseca and his "captain" can go on or if January is coming will be moved also in key market.

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