What a Time Che Fa, De Martino da Fazio makes a revelation about his marriage to Belen


He was undoubtedly one of the most awaited guests of today's episode of What's the weather like, and gave the public a little gem of gossip: we are talking about Stefano De Martino, which for months has come back as the protagonist of the pink chronicles. During the interview he told himself with an open heart, and then he let slip a very interesting detail.

Let's go step by step: the Neapolitan dancer entered the studio of What's the weather like acclaimed by the public that has been waiting for this moment for a long time. Fabio Fazio has decided to retrace with him his first ten years of career, which led him to be a student of Friends of Maria De Filippi a TV presenter and one of the most loved showbiz characters of our day. De Martino took advantage of the opportunity to tell a little about his childhood, from when he started dancing for the first time, at the age of 10, and when for this reason he was mocked by other children. But always with a smile, and a lot of self-mockery.

And then, he revealed to having often felt underestimated, which is why he always gave his best, achieving great results. Among memories of youth and a brief thought to his grandmother – who had long wanted to see him finally by Fabio Fazio – Stefano seemed to have succeeded in dodge every question about Belen Rodriguez. Since, a few months ago, he and the Argentinian showgirl have come closer, the gossip has literally gone mad. But the conductor of What's the weather like he decided not to indulge in any romantic gossip, as per his own admission.

Instead, Luciana Littizzetto thought about it, who soon entered for one of his comic sketches: with his cheeky look, he asked De Martino if he would be married to Belen again. Stefano chose not to deviate: "No, I've already given. Persevering would be diabolical ”. An answer that will surely have disappointed many fans, but that at least clarifies one of the indiscretions that have talked most recently.

In all this, Belen has decided to show everything his support for Stefano, publishing a sweet dedication among his Instagram Stories. A short video showing the entry into the studio of De Martino a What's the weather like, accompanied by a few words: "Fair of you always". More than enough to show the world the great love that unites them.

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