WEEKEND full of pitfalls, between Saturday and Sunday we will still need the UMBRELLA. Here's where it will rain "ILMETEO.it


Weather: WEEKEND full of Pitfalls, between Saturday and Sunday we will still need the UMBRELLA. Here's where it will rain

It will be a weekend still full of pitfallsIt will be a weekend still full of pitfallsDespite the most phase acute of bad weather will gradually lose its vigor, in the course of the now imminent WEEKEND will still need an umbrella because of numerous pitfalls that will disturb some regions of Italy.
So let's see in detail where it will rain between Saturday and Sunday.

The day of Saturday will be somewhat capricious to the South is on Tyrrhenian regions, up to Eastern Liguria. In these areas they will in fact be possible scattered rains, but also some thunderstorm backhand. Also worth mentioning splashes of snow on Apennine peaks especially on those northern.
But some areas will also have to deal with the strong wind. The Libeccio in fact, it will still stretch on most of it of the central-southern Tyrrhenian belt, with stretches of seas agitated around the two major islands. A moderate Scirocco instead it will wrap the lower Adriatic.
Things will definitely get better at North and on the areas internal and Adriatic areas of the Center. Here you can have some partial sunny spells and the risk of rain it will remain low.
Pay attention instead to the possible appearance of treacherous fog banks at night and in the very first part of the morning on Val Padana and in the inner valleys of the Center.
The temperatures will fall in the South, while they will remain stationary and in the average of the period to the North.

Thus we come to the second step of the weekend characterized by a Sunday certainly more forgiving on front bad weather. If we exclude some rain between Abruzzo, Molise and the area of ​​the lower Tyrrhenian, in fact the general meteorological picture will definitely remain quiet, with extensive clearings on the rest of the country, albeit with the usual fog banks on Val Padana and on some internal sections of the Center.

The time will have come therefore to put away the umbrellas at last? Absolutely not. This reprieve from the rains will unfortunately have short life. Already among the late afternoon and festive evening a will come new disturbance who will report the rain initially on Sardinia It is on Western Liguria.
It will be the prelude to a beginning of week still pretty hard on the front weather.

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