WEATHER FORECASTS – ATLANTIC CURRENTS sink from the northwestern quadrants, MALTEMPO on the way, that's where


It generally improves on southern Italy

The weather conditions in the southern Italian regions, except for some local plausible still in the southern Tyrrhenian areas Italy, today they are back to improving again, even in a context of still cloudy skies, especially on the Tyrrhenian coast. With regard to the southernmost Adriatic sectors, on the other hand, large spells are expected during the day, with the return of the prevailing sun. In the next few hours, as we will see, some notes by bad weather could still interest the Campania.

Drier in the center and north

Over the last two days, they have tended to dry on the central and northern regions, were it not for some showers that affected some sectors of Lazio in the afternoon. Particularly in the north Italy yesterday was characterized by the return of the prevailing sun, with skies that were not very cloudy or in some cases even totally sunny. This morning, despite some consistent cloud cover, the weather in the central-northern regions is dry, but in the next few hours, as we shall see, these conditions can change.

Severe bad weather already in Sardinia

New Atlantic thrust from the northwestern quadrants, with the return of bad weather to the center-north between tonight and tomorrow.

During this morning the bad weather is already lashing even intensely on the Sardinia western bringing accumulations generally less than 10 millimeters, even if locally this threshold has already been exceeded. This is because of a new lunge Atlantic in Mediterranean western that has triggered a cyclogenesis with the formation of a minimum depression just between the Balearics and the islands of Corsica is Sardinia and that in the next few hours it will measure around 1000hPa.

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