Weather, cloudburst weekend throughout Italy. Weather alert in Lazio, Campania and Friuli


Weather, cloudburst weekend in all of Lazio. New weather alert in Campania

Yet bad weather on Italy. The disturbance it will hit the Tyrrhenian regions hard, with particular attention to Lazio and then to Campania where the risk of storms is very high, with Rome and Naples at high risk. The site team warns that a second disturbance will arrive on Saturday 9, which will again affect Tuscany, Lazio, Umbria, Sardinia and then all southern regions. The weather will improve instead in the North with sunny spaces.

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For this reason the Civil Protection of the Campania Region has issued a new one weather alert: the yellow hydrogeological criticality continues until 9 am on Sunday morning. However, the disturbance that is affecting the region is shifting slightly, still within the Campania region. The Civil Protection provides: «Scattered precipitations, even with a reverse or temporal character, punctually even of moderate intensity. Possible gusts of wind in thunderstorms ».

The state of weather alert does not only concern Campania, but also other regions, in which the Civil Protection has issued the statement in recent days. In Lazio the yellow weather alert was issued today, November 8th. The hydrogeological risk alert was instead downgraded from orange to yellow Sardinia, in the Iglesiente, the Logudoro, Montevecchio-Pischinappiu, Tirso, extended until midnight today for the scattered precipitations, mainly of a downpour or a storm, which have been affecting the island since last night.

Heavy precipitation, sometimes with a stormy nature, will affect the Friuli Venezia Giulia on this day. For this reason, until 6 am tomorrow morning, the Civil Defense issued a yellow alert. The Civil Protection Hall of Metropolitan City of Florence reports on Friday 8 November an orange alert for hydrogeological risk in the municipalities of the Ombrone-Bisenzio, Valdarno Inferiore and Valdelsa-Valdera basin. Yellow code, instead, on the remaining territory. Plenty of rain and local storms associated with gusts of wind and hail are expected.


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