Weather alert November 9, 2019


Still unstable weather for today, Friday 8 November, with scattered rainfall also in reverse or local time. Tomorrow, Saturday, residual phenomena on the Archipelago, coastal areas and southern provinces. The Regional Civil Protection Operations Room extended the yellow code, issued yesterday for hydrogeological risk and strong thunderstorms, up to midnight today, particularly in the central-southern areas of the region. Another yellow code is issued, again for hydrogeological risk and strong storms, with validity for the whole day tomorrow for Archipelago and all the stretch of coast that goes from the mouth of the Arno to the Maremma.

Today there are still scattered precipitations, even with a reverse or temporal local character. In the afternoon and in the evening the phenomena will be more evident
probable and frequent in the central-southern areas. Tomorrow, Saturday, the possibility of scattered showers expected in the night, more likely on the western sectors, where they will be able to assume a locally stormy character. For the rest of the day phenomena mostly concentrated on the central-southern coast, in the Archipelago and between the provinces of Siena and Grosseto. On the coast and the archipelago, thunderstorms can be locally strong.

Details and advice on the behaviors to be adopted can be found in the "Weather Alert" section of the Tuscany Region website.

Tuscan weather alert 8-9 November 2019-2

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