Weather alert Naples 18-19 November 2019


The Civil Protection of the Campania Region has issued a notice of weather alert valid starting at 10 am tomorrow and until 10 am on Wednesday, with hydrogeological criticality for yellow thunderstorms in particular on Naples and the entire coastal strip from the plain to the Cilento plain. In fact, on zones 1 (Piana Campana, Naples, Islands, Vesuvian Area) are expected, 3 (Sorrentino-Amalfinata Peninsula, Monti di Sarno, Monti Picentini), 5 (Tusciano and Alto Sele), 6 (Alto Cilento, Piana del Sele), 8 (Basso Cilento) "Precipitation with a reverse or temporal character, punctually even moderate to intense. Possible gusts in thunderstorms".

A weather situation, characterized by thunderstorms also with rapid evolution and with a forecast uncertainty that could give rise to risks such as "damage to roofs and temporary structures due to gusts of wind, lightning strikes, possible hailstorms and falling branches or trees, surface run-offs with possible material transport phenomena; possible flooding of underground and ground-floor rooms; surface water flow in roadways and possible regurgitation phenomena of rainwater disposal systems with overflow and involvement of depressed urban areas; occasional possible superficial landslides related to particularly fragile hydrogeological conditions, in basins of limited dimensions, due to the saturation of soils, even in the absence of precipitation ". The Civil Protection of the Campania region, also in virtue of the rainfall of the past few days, recommends the competent authorities to continue to monitor the structures exposed to the stresses of winds and waves and to activate the measures to prevent and counter the expected phenomena. We note the need for maximum attention in fragile areas that could be affected by superficial landslides even in the absence of further rainfall, due to the saturation of soils.

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