Weather Alert, Mediterranean Hurricane in formation: DEVASTATING scenario for Monday 11 and Tuesday 12, destructive bad weather in the South


Weather Alert – The sun shines in this mid-Sunday November on most of Italy, we have + 21 ° C to Reggio Calabria is Syracuse, + 20 ° C to Catania, Gallipoli is Monopoli. Nothing allows us to predict what will happen in the next two days precisely in the Southern Regions, yet in Sardinia it has already started to rain. Floods a Oristano where they fell 13mm of rain and there are + 11 ° C in full day, first rains also a Sassari is Cagliari where the temperature is stopped respectively a + 10 ° C is + 15 ° C.

The latest updates of the satellite images they show very clearly how the cold North Atlantic thrust that is going to trigger the great Tempest of which we have been talking for days will take place on the Western Mediterranean

satellite italy Sunday 10 November

We cannot yet be 100% certain that this Cyclone will evolve into "Mediterranean Hurricane", better known as "medicane", But certainly between Monday 11 is Tuesday 12 November most of Italy will be hit by meteorological phenomena typical of large oceanic hurricanes. In fact, it will be a very violent Storm, with tropical connotations: it will be decidedly hot due to a rise of North African desert air accompanied by huge amounts of dust and sand from the Sahara, and the winds will even exceed the 160km / h in the Sicily Channel and i 140km / h over most of the Center / South.

The synchronous maps of ECMWF and thermal, baric and wind energy of GFS are eloquent, which we publish in the scrolling gallery at the top, in support of the article. The cyclone could even reach i 985hPa of low pressure on western Sicily on Tuesday 12 November, causing impetuous winds for an impressive baric gradient (at the same time we will in fact have 1000hPa in Campania e 1008hPa in the Alps!

In addition to the strong winds, which will also cause furious storms on all the coasts exposed to south and south / east, we will also have thunderous groves rising from south to north: particularly violent those that will hit the Sicily in the evening of Monday, extending to the Calabria in the night and in the early hours of Tuesday, causing torrential rains (over 200mm in the most affected areas) on the Ionian bands of the two southernmost regions of Italy. Tuesday morning very violent phenomena will also affect the Gulf of Taranto and the Salento, where the risk of tornadoes is high.

On Tuesday, the bad weather it will go up all over Italy, hitting the Center / North with torrential rains and strong sirocco winds on the Adriatic that will cause a new high water event in Venice.

The temperatures despite the bad weather, they will increase significantly throughout the country.

On MeteoWeb in the next few hours all the updates of nowcasting, forecasts, maps and one special on closed schools through a direct line with the municipalities that decide to adopt the decision after the civil protection weather alert. To monitor the situation, here are the useful pages to follow the weather situation in real time:

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