WEATHER: a Mediterranean cyclone is expected on ITALY, here are the areas most affected


It is a red alert on Sicily and Calabria today, Tuesday 12 November

Intense wave of bad weather on the doorstep forItaly, with the Civil Protection which issued the red alert for two regions today, November 12th: in particular, the conditions weather are of concern on Sicily is Calabria, where the risk of is high storms but not only. The most affected areas will be the Ionic areas of the two regions, as you can also see from the models developed by our computer center, where during the day they are not mutually exclusive downpours is temporal intense but accompanied by the fort wind, with gusts even over 100 km / h, and from storm surges of strong intensity. In detail, the sectors affected by the alert weather, as reported by the official bulletin of the Civil Protection, are: for what concerns the Calabria, the southern Ionian side, the central southern Ionic side, the northern central Ionian side, the northern Ionian side and the southern Tyrrhenian side, while for Sicily, they are the north-eastern Tyrrhenian side and the Aeolian islands, the Strait of Sicily, the south-eastern ionic slope, the Simeto river basin and the north-eastern Ionic slope.

A Mediterranean cyclone is heading towards Italy

According to the latest releases of the main models weather, it is not excluded that the minimum already present between Sicily and Sardinia, as shown also by the papers available in the dedicated section on our site, can assume characteristics of a real one medicane, or Mediterranean hurricane. This vortex is expected to rise again on the Tyrrhenian to reach our central regions, thus dispensing bad weather at times very intense not only in the South but also on the rest of theItaly. After the concern of this possible cyclone Mediterranean, however, our Peninsula will continue to remain in the grip of bad weather: as shown by the main models weather, even the next few days will continue to be characterized by downpours, temporal is snow on 'Italy, with a series of perturbations that will not give rest to our country.

Bad weather on our peninsula with a series of disturbances

Critical situation in Southern Italy with the Civil Protection which issued the red alert for Sicily and Calabria.

After the period of intense bad weather awaited today, Tuesday 12 November, and tomorrow, Wednesday 13, as explained by our meteorologist Francesco Cibelli, theItaly will continue to deal with the bad weather intense. In particular, the presence of a vast low-pressure circulation between France and the British Isles will lead to a new deterioration weather starting from the North West already for Thursday 14 November, with downpours, temporal is snow locally also at medium-low altitudes. Not only that, because then in the weekend, according to the latest releases of the main models weather, our Peninsula will experience yet another deterioration, with bad weather intense from north to south. Entering into details is still premature but we expect locally-intense phenomena as well snow on the mountains.

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