We will remember it at the Sanremo Festival


Amadeus said he wanted to organize a souvenir for Fred Bongusto at the next Sanremo Festival. Interviewed by Adnkronos, the presenter and presenter of the next Sanremo stated that he wanted to think of a way to remember the singer who died in the night after a long illness. The singer, famous for having brought to success a song like "A rotunda on the sea", but also pieces like "Malaga", "Doce doce" and "Spaghetti a Detroit", had participated three times in the Sanremo Festival.

Amadeus accepts Pippo Baudo's invitation

As soon as he learned of the death of the artist Amadeus he began to wonder how he could pay homage to him, recalling also an informal meeting of them some years ago: "Fred Bongusto belongs to the history of Italian music. I had the honor of knowing him a few years ago, an informal meeting in which we greeted each other with affection. I had his records, my parents were his fans. There will certainly be a way to remember him at the Sanremo Festival, we will reflect on how to pay homage to a great music ". The artistic director accepted the invitation of Pippo Baudo who had declared: "He was a great singer, it would be right that in Sanremo he was remembered with the affection and respect he deserves". Peppino Di Capri was among those who remembered the singer.

Fred Bongusto's performances at the Sanremo Festival

A passage with the song "Gi" in 1967, without qualifying for the final, but above all in 1986 when it takes the stage of the Ariston with the song "Cantare", written together with Mimmo Di Francia, already in his past, and Sergio Iodice; the song will be placed in eighth place, in an edition that saw the triumph of a very young Eros Ramazzotti with "Adesso tu" that got the better of Renzo Arbore and his "Clarinet". In 1989 Bongusto returned to the Sanremo stage with the song "Scusa" which qualified at the bottom of the standings, finishing in twenty-second place, in front of only Gigi Sabani and Sergio Caputo, in an edition that saw Anna Oxa and Fausto Leali stand with " I'll leave you".

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