We tried Xiaomi Mi Note 10 and Redmi Note 8T: here are our first impressions (video)


On the sidelines of the presentation event of Redmi Note 8T and Xiaomi Mi Note 10 we had the opportunity to try the two new smartphones of the overflowing Chinese giant.

Both will be available in November and for different reasons, they deserve special attention.
Xiaomi Mi Note 10 surprising for its 108 MP photographic compartment and 5260 mAh battery, Redmi Note 8T instead it is the successor of the famous Redmi Note 7, a smartphone with an amazing sales success.

In the video previews from Madrid, we tell you about our first impressions.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10: video preview

The feeling we had at first contact is that of a smartphone already seen, the resemblance to Huawei P30 Pro it is obvious, sin.

After the first 5 minutes have elapsed, the constructive quality begins to be appreciated, the certification of resistance to water and dust is lacking but the sensation of quality is high, thanks to glass and aluminum wisely blended.

You immediately feel the weight of 208 grams, they are many even if in the generous dimensions of the device they are well distributed, the other striking aspect is the display, 6.47 inch FullHD AMOLED, very bright and bright colors.

Knowing the technical data sheet of Xiaomi Mi Note 10 it is impossible to forget the 5260 mAh, they promise very well together with the medium-high-end processor, not particularly expensive in terms of energy.
Just the Snapdragon 730G could be a reason for discussion: in a smartphone offered for 599 Euro, which is close to the high end, many would have expected the top of the Snapdragon 855+ range.
In reality in the few minutes in the company of Mi Note 10 the results were comforting, the smartphone moves well in MIUI 11 and there are no indecisions even in processing the very high resolution photos of which it is capable.

Too early to give you an opinion on the quality of the photos, certainly an interesting theme we will focus on in the review phase.
The 108 MP of the main camera is a bet, they are normally exploited for 27 MP photos with pixel binning, but a high resolution mode is also available that produces images from around 20 MB.

But that's not all, because the photographic qualities of Mi Note 10 are based on the complete set of lenses, which includes a 2 MP macro, a 20 MP wide-angle lens, a 12 MP telephoto lens and a second 10X telephoto lens.

The themes are many, we will address them in the review but the feeling is that the subject cameras and price will be fundamental to decree its success.

Redmi Note 8T: video preview

Certainly easier to analyze Redmi Note 8T, definitely in continuity with its predecessor, both from a hardware point of view and in terms of aesthetics.

At first glance it is nothing extraordinary, well built, glass also in the back and apparently solid and durable.
The back is classic, with the camera group positioned in the upper left corner vertically, unfortunately it protrudes a couple of millimeters.
Frontally, there is a drop-shaped notch and a rather important lower frame, which also houses the Redmi logo.

The technical data sheet is not surprising, but only because the excellent equipment had already been cleared by Redmi Note 7, therefore the presence of a mid-range Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor is almost taken for granted, allowing the system to run very well.

Redmi Note 8T therefore it appears as a new Redmi Note 7, improved in some points, but without distorting its features.
The review will therefore be a search for confirmations, which if it turns out to be positive, will be enough to give it the title of best buy.
In this regard we start from 229 euros, but at the launch you can buy it for 199 euros, not bad.

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