we run for cover! Change house or hotel


Lady Allan has criticized what happened at home.

What is happening to Naples with wags it's ugly and dangerous. CHiederselo is permissible and it is a duty to respond: and now that every inhibition and any control seems to have fallen, and around itself there is no trace of that sympathy that becomes affection, even love, how should one live one's existence? The Corriere dello Sport has analyzed what is happening in Naples between the wife and companions of the players.

Change of house or hotel: the wags defend themselves

They are women, mothers, they think not only of their own serenity but also of their children. And they remain in front of that sense of emptiness that now dominates them: it happened first to Mrs. Allan then to Zielinski's wife and in this "putrid" atmosphere, over the years, the companions of Lavezzi and those of Hamsik, Cavani and Aronica, they had to come up against a surprise that opens wounds and leaves them there.

In hotel

Clear, better days will come, and it's not just a way of saying. And then Naples is also something else, it knows how to understand the reasons for a detachment, bring back – and certainly miss – a normality that now escapes, because this time what is grasping and annoying is this climate that leads to legitimate concerns, which leads to warn a shudder at the first suspicious noise, which removes the air and distorts everyday life by regaining, if possible, the walls of a hotel room.

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