"We need a true captain, Insigne did not behave like such. De Laurentiis still relies on a lawyer who has made an inadmissible appeal"


Corbo: A true captain is needed, Insigne did not behave like one. De Laurentiis still relies on a lawyer who has made an inadmissible appeal
A Radio Goal, live on Kiss Kiss Napoli, intervened Antonio Corbo, Republic columnist. Here is how highlighted by CalcioNapoli24.it:

"De Laurentiis cannot do everything himself and decide everything because then he is in trouble when his son has to replace him. It must enhance intermediate roles. If the child is the vice president, he must allow the child to exercise his role to the fullest. I miss a captain, Insigne behaved like a good boy. A true captain must be a character with a political sense. Zoff was a wonderful captain, said a few words but they were carved in stone. The captain must be the connecting element between the top management and the company. The captain must oppose the company, but he must also make the players think. A president cannot establish the order by calling Grassani, he should have called Ancelotti and given the team an appointment. Then he would have to call Insigne to summon the team to clarify. Then you lock yourself in a locker room and everyone, slowly, has to talk. De Laurentiis prefers the bureaucratic road by putting this lawyer from Bologna (Grassani ed.) In the middle, who last time presented an appeal that was considered inadmissible. Instead he should have met the players face to face, then the conclusions are drawn. Must give strength to Giuntoli and his son. If Edo does not exercise well his role becomes a poor young man at the mercy of the team. Press Silence? I find it right because I respect a need. One word is enough to be misunderstood. Open training? Today we also know the things that happen in the Kremlin and there was no need to prohibit the presence of San Paolo to journalists. Journalists should tell De Laurentiis that they have the right to witness the events of society ".

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