"We are doing everything to help him"


Almost six years have passed since the terrible accident on the snows of Meribel and Corinna Betsch, wife of Michael Schumacher, is back to talking. In an interview granted to "She's Magazine" of Mercedes, taken up by some German newspapers and British tabloids, Corinna tells of her daughter Gina Maria's passion for equestrian sports, but above all she also talks about her beloved husband for the first time.

Schumacher, his wife: "We are doing everything to help him"

"You can be sure that he is in the best possible hands – said the woman – and that we are doing everything to help him. Please understand that we are following Michael's wishes to keep a subject as sensitive as his health confidential". Michael Schumacher had a serious ski accident on December 29, 2013 in Meribel, France, reporting a very serious head injury. Since then he has been in rehabilitation and has not appeared in public.

She too is passionate, like her 22-year-old daughter, for horses, Corinna Betsch recalls when Michael gave her a ranch with 40 horses for her tenth wedding anniversary. "When I was 30 – his words – I wanted very much to have a horse and Michael came with me to Dubai because I wanted to buy an Arabian thoroughbred. Today he makes me happy to see my daughter being able to do what she loves and have already achieved success. I forget who I have to thank for all this, my husband, "Corinna adds, revealing that Michael had foreseen her daughter's success:

"He told me that one day Gina Maria would have been better than me and I didn't really like it then. I worked day and night with horses trying to understand everything. But he said I was too cute and that Gina had more pulse and character and this my husband had caught a glimpse of ".

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