We aim at the Euroleague. We will make an arena of 15k places that can expand up to 40k


For Massimo Zanetti, from Treviso, the game between his Virtus Bologna and De’Longhi will be a derby that he will not be able to see from the stands of the brand new Arena for work reasons.

Zanetti spoke at Il Gazzettino di Treviso of the beginning of the VuNere season, still unbeaten in Serie A.

"We knew we had a strong team but the results are going beyond expectations," Zanetti said. "The credit goes to coach Sasha Djordjevic," added Segafredo's number 1. "We are aiming at the EuroLeague and there are arena seats for at least eight thousand seats. The PalaDozza or the PalaVerde today are too small not to mention the Reyer of my friend Brugnaro, champion of Italy, forced to play in a technostructure. We will build a modular arena for 15-16 thousand seats, but it will be able to expand up to 40,000 seats to host concerts or events, with shops and restaurants to be always sustainable ”continued Zanetti talking about the new building.

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