Water re-entry alarm, water is coming back soon


The water company warns: "Within a few hours the return to normal. Let the water run out red at the beginning"

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                <p>&quot;The repair intervention at the Boara Polesine plant ended at 15.30 today, Sunday 17/11: the normal supply pressure for the Municipalities of Arqua Polesine, Bosaro, Ceregnano, Costa di Rovigo will be gradually restored. Pontecchio Polesine, Rovigo, San Martino di Venezze, Villadose, Villamarzana &quot;, thus the official note of Acquevenete which repaired the fault in the plant (READ ARTICLES).

"The first benefits will be visible in the near future and within a few hours it is expected to restore the normality of the service." Red water "phenomena will be possible, in this case users are invited to let the water run for a few minutes before to use it ".

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