Waste, ready the Area Plan. For the damp there is Chianche, but Tropeano opens: "Ready to modify it"


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The president of ATO concluded the work and is preparing to submit it to the first citizens. «I cannot ignore Chianche's official candidacy for the Biodigestore. But we think that the Savignano hypothesis is also feasible. As long as political resistance is overcome "

The waste department has put on paper the area plan that will regulate the integrated cycle in Irpinia. The president of the body that brings together all the mayors of the territory, Valentino Tropeano, is ready to submit it to his colleagues for possible amendments. The importance of the instrument, at the moment, is linked above all to the node linked to plant engineering. The first obstacle to overcome in order to achieve the objective of an overall management of the waste cycle for the ATO, in fact, is the identification of the site that will host the new wet plant. While the prices of Savignano are growing, the only candidacy currently officialized in the province of Avelllino is indicated in the Tropeano plan: that of the Municipality of Chianche.

In this regard, Tropeano explains: "Our work is going ahead and the area plan is ready to be submitted to the mayors. Inside it, the Municipality of Chianche is identified for the biodigester, because we cannot certainly pretend that that candidacy is not there ». The same Tropeano, however, confirms the availability of Savignano, where the mayor Fabio Della Marra has never come out completely in the open. But the fact that the area of ​​the Greek area is included in the area plan lets us understand how – net of the very strong controversy over Chianche and the various appeals to the TAR – that is the only concrete track on the carpet.

Therefore, on Savignano, Tropeano puts it this way: «In this phase, we are doing preparatory work. We take note of the availability of sort of Della Marra. We also believe that there would be conditions. But from now on we have to understand if it is possible or not to act on Savignano. The problem – he remembers – is not technical but, as usual, political ». If it is true that the only funding available has already been addressed to the biodigester of Chianche, for Tropeano the problem does not exist: "I think we could also move, and in any case we could imagine a private involvement. What is certain is that there are no ideological battles to be carried out, because in the end the Ato would always exercise control ".

Meanwhile, Tropeano accelerates. "The plan that we have created is not limited to the definition of the plant problem, but also provides incentives for family composting and sets the separate collection thresholds which we must all aim for: from a minimum of 65 percent to 80 percent". The long journey, in short, has now entered the decisive phase. The most delicate one. First the final choice on the biodigester site, then we will talk about management and tariff. "I am ready to bring the plan to the assembly – announces Tropeano – to open it to the participation of the mayors. Also present your amendments, we will keep them in mind ».

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