Wamai and Kali, the new season 4 operators


4×4. No, we are not talking about an off-road vehicle or the episode of a series on Netflix. Rainbow Six Siege is about to close its fourth year of life with, of course, the fourth season. During the rich 2019 that characterized Ubisoft's shooter path we saw the arrival of a lot of new content (in addition to the canonical pairs of fighters), a sign that the creative fervor of the development team did not suffer from that tired phase that, sooner or later, strikes without warning.

Indeed, among eclectic Operators, increasingly advanced gadgets and new found (more or less successful), the title has continued to grow as well as its fanbase. Currently, around 50 million players flock to Ubisoft Montreal's servers. Now, in the middle of the Pro League finals (perhaps the most uncertain of all), the team has renewed the appointment with the panel dedicated to the presentation of the two new grafts of the Rainbow team: the Kenyan Wamai and the Indian Kali.

From one side to the other of the Indian ocean

The Kenyan Wamai will be the defense operator for this last season of 2019. Together with Kali he is part of a security company called Night Heaven, specializing in amphibious operations. The two respond to Harry's call and in effect enter the Rainbow team for reasons that will be explored in the now familiar background dedicated to operators.
Of Wamai, for example, we know that he is a former diver who can stay underwater for a long time holding his breath.

We also know its defensive peculiarity, at the service of the team: a Launch gadget. The peculiarity of the latter is that it is adhesive, therefore it can adhere to any surface. In addition, it creates an area dominated by a powerful magnetic field that can attract, trap and deflect bullets and grenades. In essence, once a bullet or explosive enters the force field created by the gadget, it is "reset" and redirected in the direction of the magnetic trap.

The gadget, however, does not affect adjoining rooms (or even the upper or lower ones) than the one in which it is placed, so it is useless to stick it to the floor, to the ceiling or find strange cavities through which to try to pass the magnetic field.

Just like with Gu's mines lesion (you can learn more with our guide to the best operators of Rainbow Six Siege for newbies), these special adhesive traps are generated cyclically over time. The operator, as expected, will be able to count on a maximum of five gadgets in all during each round. The adhesive trap will influence the trajectory of the Capitao arrows, the smoke bombs, the flashbangs and so on. Furthermore, Wamai seems to be designed to represent the perfect alternative to that old Jager fox. Compared to the latter, however, Wamai does not propose to destroy the opposing utilities, but to create traps and obstacles to the aggressor team.

Wamai was thought to be an anchor, despite its average constitution and ability to move: 2 speeds, 2 armor. Moreover, he is the second operator, right after Jager, to be able to count on an assault rifle in defense. The most interesting thing is that the weapon will not have one of the most useful attachments: theAOCG.

If you are wondering what the natural predators of Kenyan are, they can only be Tatcher and IQ. These two operators represent perfect counters thanks to their ability to act on the electronic tools of the opposing team, detecting them (in the case of IQ) and disabling them (in the case of Tatcher's EMP).

Kali, the Ultimate Reality

The Indian operator could only have the name of one of the goddesses of the Hindu pantheon. Obviously the most powerful; terrifying and beneficial at the same time. Here, in all probability these attributes we can find them even in the new fighter in force to the Rainbow team. According to reports, Kali is the head of the security company for which Wamai also works. So, somehow, the two find themselves working together for some unspecified high-risk mission.

It is not known which counterterrorism unit they served, nor the reasons why they now work "privately". In any case, the idea that we have made of ourselves by observing the image that appeared online a few days ago is the following: the private company of the two specializes in anti-piracy operations, to protect some oil installation, or as a guardhouse on large ships.

An operator, Kali, who intends to become a worthy substitute for the good Tatcher, thanks to her ability to disable opposing electronic instruments. Kali will be able to launch "Explosive Lances" that will penetrate the walls, exploding after a few seconds. The peculiarity of these bullets is that they create a deflagration that develops on both sides of the wall, and is capable of destroying gadgets.
Another great peculiarity of Kali is its equipment: a CSRX-300 sniper rifle modified and single shot, manual charging and two adjustable sights. Not exactly the right equipment to make your way through opposing weapons-level defenses. However, in the event that the bullets hit reinforced walls, they will create a small hole, while on unreinforced walls they will be able to open a very unpleasant abyss for defenders.

Although the rate of fire is not too high, Kali's rifle will also be highly lethal. A single bullet that will hit the opponent he will land it immediately, although it will hit the body (a headshot will instead be lethal). The injured and landed operator will however be automatically rotated in the direction in which the shot was fired, so as to put the player in a position to provide useful information to the comrades who could try to revive him. Moreover, the bullet will be able to pierce the walls and even to cross more bodies.

Like colleague Wamai, Kali will also be characterized by average statistics (2 speeds, 2 armor) which makes it an operator fairly versatile. It will be interesting to see if the operator can revolutionize the destination or if it will soon be abandoned in favor of more tried and tested compositions. It is not an everyday thing to see one sniper at work in a title like Rainbow Six Siege, since the action takes place mainly indoors and in a handkerchief of pixels.

Everyone at the Amusement Park, for the Grand Opening!

The Asian Amusement Park entered into the map pool during the Blood Orchid operation, as we have already told you in other in-depth analyzes, will be available to players after a period of absence due to restructuring. The desire of the development team has always been clear: to see it completely again for make it competitive, exactly as happened on other occasions.

The team in charge of the finishing works acted in three different areas. First the illumination, which will be more uniform and consistent. Consequently, excessively dark or inhomogeneous areas will be eliminated from the point of view of light-related effects.

Navigation, which has always been a sore point on the map, it will be made much clearer and easier to facilitate communication and the calls of the two teams. The map has also been revised with regard to size: smaller map and modified main areas. The haunted house will disappear, replaced by a new area called Castello Cinese.La map, in short, will be narrower, closed and balanced compared to the past.

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