Volatile MPS bank. Rumor on MEF plans, but the road is uphill


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Banca MPS

Banca Monte Paschi in swing with the focus on new rumors relative to the Treasury to get rid of the Npl.

Today's session continues in the name of uncertainty for Banca Monte Paschi, which tries to climb the slope after the sharp decline on the previous day, when the day ended with a fall of almost three percentage points.

The title showed some uncertainty in the opening bars, slipping below parity, only to change course and turn positive.

Banca Monte Paschi, which has already braked decisively from the top intradays, is now photographed at € 1.521, with a fractional increase of 0.07% and over 2.5 million shares traded, against the average of the last 30 days of approximately 4 million pieces.

The title recovers ground in the wake of new press rumors concerning the MEF's plans to clean up the Sienese bank.

Il Sole 24 Ore writes that one of the solutions to the study would provide for the assignment of shares of Amco, the former SGA, to the minority shareholders of Banca Monte Paschi, in exchange for the conferment of the impaired loans of the same.

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This would be one of the possible avenues that the MEF and Brussels are evaluating to resolve the rebus of the divestment of the portfolio, there is 10-14 billion euros of non-performing loans, without violating the rules on competition.

A game still to be played and with no obvious result, given that the EU Competition Directorate would not be inclined to make discounts or give the go-ahead to solutions never tried before.

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