by Stefano Borgi

DRAGOWSKI: 6 On the 5 goals it is innocent, on the contrary … it limits the liabilities. Absurdly it is one of the best in the field. Assaulted.

MILENKOVIC: 4 In the first half hour it is the only one to take a hit, with two providential recoveries on Simeon and Joao Pedro. Then it sinks, slips, makes all the colors. Cumbersome.

PEZZELLA: 4.5 Something good (a header out of inches, the right parried by Olsen at 38 '). Then so many, so many bad things. It would be too long to list them. Confused.

CACERES: 4.5 Lights and shadows for the Uruguayan: slips on Simeone, holds Rog in play, recovers on Naingollan. But with five goals on the rump … Convalescent.

LIROLA: 5 the only good thing is that, throughout the first half, it has never been seen. For better or for worse. And it is not a compliment … (from 46 ′ SUBTILE): 6 Discreet entrance of the small plant, but it was not difficult to do better (or worse) than the others.

PULGAR: 5 Drowsiness with some good kick, and a couple of assists. But it ends there … He too seems like a child among the giants of the Cagliari midfield.

BADELJ: 3 The Croat is totally eaten, swallowed up, swallowed up by the Rossoblu midfield. For him, today, they seemed like two different sports. And it is not the first time. Or back to Badelj two years ago, otherwise it's like playing in 10. And the others in 12.

CASTROVILLI: 5.5 Even at the worst moment, he is one of the few to have any ideas. Certainly not enough, but at least … (from 66 ′ BENASSI): S.V.

DALBERT: 5 On his side it looks like a bachelor-married game. Too much difference in pace and quality. Maybe it's not even all his fault. Half more votes for the winning assistant. Soft.

CHURCH: 4,5 The question is whether he is listless, confused, or just injured. Of course he has to tell us what he has been doing for seven months now. If you decide to talk … (from 73 ′) GHEZZAL): S.V.

VLAHOVIC: 6.5 He was on the doubling of Pisacane, and it is a minus sign. Then the struscia little, but it marks a double. A closed result ok, but it is still a double win. Hope.

VINCENZO MONTELLA: 3 Let alone the quality of their midfield (objectively superior), the desire of Simeon, the bad day of the viola, the condition of Church (mental? Physics? Boh …) They are all episodes, perhaps circumscribed to a game. The first problem is that Cagliari went to Fiorentina's triple (and we're low) speed. The second (more serious) is that the team does not seem to follow him. Already for a few days … Resigned.

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