Viva RaiPlay !, Fiorello's monologue triggers controversy


The controversy around Viva Raiplay!, the new program of Fiorello aired until November 8th on Rai1 and then, from November 13th, only on RaiPlay. The show lasts 15 minutes, but the web has already reported a poor inventiveness by the conductor.

In the second episode, Fiorello proposed a monologue on thegoodbye of the Pooh that some users noticed was already presented by the showman in 2010. As the site writes, on YouTube it is present a video of the ironic monologue dating back to a performance in Bolzano during a touring show: at the time Stefano D’Orazio had just left the band and Fiorello´s jokes revolved around the name of the drummer, who would have been the bone of contention in the group.

However, the gag is practically identical in 2019: a detail that the spectators – once unveiled – they didn't send down, because at Fiorello you probably expect only the best. And certainly more than a "recycled" monologue …

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