Violent earthquake, so much fear – Il Corriere della Provincia


A violent earthquake was warned a few minutes ago in the province of Frosinone. So much fear. It was recorded by Ingv's seismographs at 6.35pm. Balsorano Epicenter in the province of L'Aquila, with a provisional magnitude between 4.4 and 4.9, at a depth of 14 km.

The previous one in Pescosolido

Last night, due to some earthquakes: the first was recorded at 22:53 to Pescosolido, with magnitude of 2.2 and at a depth of 15 kilometers. Several people have warned her even though, fortunately, no damage or dangerous situations have been recorded.

Two more tremors in Balsorano

Another shock had been recorded at 1: 13 with magnitude 2.8, always with epicenter Balsorano, where then followed a third alle 4:39 of magnitude 2.5.

The shock of 18.35

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