Vierchowod: "Milan, deserved ranking. I would not have taken Giampaolo"


EXCLUSIVE MILAN – The current, very delicate moment of the Milan and not only. The "Zar" Pietro Vierchowod, former defender of many teams in A league, and that of the Rossoneri in the season 1996-1997, in exclusive right for '"Has focused its analysis on the team, on the company and also on some players giving its interpretation on multiple aspects. These are Vierchowod's statements to our microphones:

On the crisis of results: "It doesn't take a genius to understand that there are very few really good players in Milan. The difference, in all the teams, makes it just the good ones. On Sunday the Rossoneri played a good game but the difficulties in the goal area are obvious, it is a team that scores very little and has no great personality. I say this from the beginning of the year. The problem is not to face Juventus, the problem will be to face the so-called medium-small, games where we think we are superior. It happens because, I repeat, there are no personality players who must realize that Milan must fight for everything, because it is Milan. In my day, after the game was over, we were already thinking about the next one. Today it is no longer the case, often players arrive on Friday unprepared for the adversary and the characteristics ".

On the current rose: "It is a rose that deserves this ranking. You can be technically inferior but you must have determination and will. Cagliari does not have a better squad than Milan but runs twice. If you don't have quality you have to run, if you run less it's easy to find yourself in this situation. A great team like Milan needs personality and quality ".

On the previous management of Gennaro Gattuso: "Last year the team had temperamental qualities. I would have gone ahead with Gattuso but it was a choice of the company because he wanted the good game. The game comes accordingly, the results come first ".

On the alternation between Marco Giampaolo and Stefano Pioli: "Giampaolo might not even have taken it. Even if he had done well for Sampdoria it must be said that, despite having the tournament's top scorer (Fabio Quagliarella n.d.r.) and one of the best attacks, he arrived ninth anyway. It means that something didn't work. I would have thought twice because teaching soccer doesn't mean anything. When teams get the results, you can ask for everything, when they don't arrive it's difficult to teach them ”.

On the Rossoneri society: "Planning is excellent, the company is trying to do its best. It must be said that when you go to choose the players should not be chosen only on the basis of technical skill. We need to understand psychology and what it can give you in the field. You need personality, because Milan needs to give something extra ”.

On the new stadium: "All the great teams have their own stadium and this can bring benefits even if in any case to me"San Siro' like it".

On Milan's defense: "Defenders must learn to mark. Playing in the area does not mean not marking, it means that in the area of ​​competence you must be close to the attacker. If you run back you will always make goals. These kids must be taught and there is probably no one who teaches it anymore ".

On Alessio Romagnoli: "The mistake on Paulo Dybala is striking when Juventus scored. Knowing the characteristics of the player, good at dribbling and with exceptional feet, you cannot leave him three meters … ".

On Mattia Caldara: "With Atalanta I liked it then went to Juventus which strangely held him two months. Milan has hardly ever been seen. I think he is a good player but let me see. "

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