VIDEO – Napoli trains at the San Paolo in a surreal atmosphere. The announcement of the fans should not be forgotten


Other images come from the stadium of Fuorigrotta where today the Naples trained for the match on Sunday against Genoa.

Sad images that come from the San Paolo where the Naples he trained in a scenario that was, to say the least, surreal: on the steps, a few hundred fans who challenged the players. The most targeted was Insigne, team captain, but some invective against Dries himself was not missing Mertens. In short, a really difficult moment. Those who expected at least half of the 13 thousand (approximately) subscribers, were disappointed: of course not everyone could be present for work reasons, but 600 are very few. In this exclusive video of the portal you can see some pictures of today's session directed by Mr. Carlo Ancelotti and you can also hear some screams aimed at players.

You need compactness, you need to rediscover the serenity and harmony that characterized Naples until December last year. Adding more poison, or that of the fans, does not benefit anyone. We must save what can be saved and at the end of the year the decisions. Furthermore, the announcement of Curva B fans should not be forgotten: "The groups of Curva B write to you with the hope that this is not a" goodbye "but a" goodbye "to our staircase. With the excuse of the regulation of use, after years, they are fine us if we fly a flag with the foot leaning against the balustrade, or worse still, wary of megaphone if we try to coordinate the Curva cheer that made so many children fall in love with this shirt (maybe even more than the sports results). Sacrifice a life for our passion and be rewarded in this way is nothing short of absurd! We consider ourselves a healthy curve, that without ever asking for compensation has made love for these colors a reason for life and despite having the fate of Naples at heart, for our dignity, we are forced by the match with Genoa to stop us so that common sense prevails and allow us to experience the curve as we do, with flags, choirs and aggregation. Without which it makes no sense to continue our journey ". Napoli is likely to find itself without an important part of the fans.

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