VIDEO – Auriemma: "Enough with vendettas! Tomorrow the Champions League final. Ancelotti disappointed me"


Raffaele Auriemma on his YouTube channel commented on the current moment of Napoli. Many ideas of the famous Neapolitan journalist.

Raffaele Auriemma on his YouTube channel he commented on the current moment of Napoli. Here are some of his statements: "Napoli's players did not properly calculate the weight of their actions following the mutiny: they believed they were going up against De Laurentiis together with all the fans. The problem is that the fans go against who, according to them, does not give the maximum for the team. The training match on Thursday was the revenge organized by De Laurentiis to respond to the gesture of the team. But now we must end it with personal vendettas: we must do the good of Naples, and continuing this way it only hurts! " .

"Now we need to put a cross on this story, there is still a whole season to play and goals to pursue. After all, who pays for the consequences of all this? In addition to the team also the public and the whole city of Naples! If we do not find the right agreement we will not win even with Genk to go to the knockout stages of the Champions League. I am disappointed by one person and I refer to the coach who was not able to hold the dressing room in his hand and accepted every decision of the company. Your name, Carlo Ancelotti, can you explain why you signed this contract? But now let's put a stone on this story, Napoli will play against a Champions League final tomorrow against Genoa, we must win by playing for 90 minutes at most ".

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