Vidal, Conte and Inter divided. Yes to reinforcements, but the policy is clear


Antonio Conte asks for help from Inter. In January the coach expects an important intervention by the club to reinforce the squad reduced to a minimum by many injuries. Conte knows that with some grafts, this team can compete right away to win, it doesn't want to miss this opportunity. But the technician's vision does not coincide in all respects with the corporate one, in particular for Arturo Vidal.

"There are crests that unite, like that of Radja Nainggolan, and others that divide. If on the Ninja club and coach they had found themselves on the same wavelength, pronouncing in unison the words "out of the project", the crest of Arturo Vidal risks becoming the symbol of recent divergent, if not conflicting, visions on possible reinforcements Winter. When he looks at Vidal Antonio Conte sees the eleven championships won in his career. Remember the warrior with whom he faced any battle at the time of Juventus and foretaste the player who pulls the group in training sessions, even after busy nights.

When Beppe Marotta and the rest of the leadership look at the Chilean instead they find the more than 8.5 million annual salary, the 32-year-old emphasize on the identity card, they prefigure that the troubles in the locker room put to the door in summer re-enter from the window via Barcellona . In short, they do not see the same player, and above all they have different ideas about the profile that can do for the case of this Inter on the road that "gradually leads to the return to victory" (words of the CEO). To say that company and market are divided by Vidal is obviously an excessive simplification: the technician has not even digested the sacrifices to Dzeko and Llorente, and would like reinforcements ready to use even in attack and on the wings ", reads in La Gazzetta dello Sport.

"The management, by its own, would have every interest in satisfying a coach who has invested everything in it, but it must also consider other components, including a property that does not like program changes too much and has already done a huge one and expensive six months ago to archive Spalletti. The company policy on the market is clear: given that the start of the championship has shown the need for an investment, it will be done, but it will not be a "lost fund". We focus on young players with sustainable salaries and potentially growing value: other Barella, other Senses, so to speak.

In January he would like to be able to call the cavalry and find himself in front of perfectly equipped soldiers who already know the battlefield: Juve does not wait, but can still be at hand. The managers, for their part, know that the "old" filibuster ready to fight also know how to get paid. And then they tend to stay to share the booty. The risk that one wants to run is to pay for tags for over thirty years, to engage in heavy long-term contracts that would then make the same riders and horses "unsaleable" in case of need. The burn with Nainggolan still burns. The question is: are the two points of view compatible? They were on Lukaku (expert, winning but also young), they found a convergence on Sanchez in temporary balance, could coincide on the Giroud operation. Kulusevski and Vidal, however, cannot be superimposed ", closed La Gazzetta dello Sport.

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