Vettel: "It is difficult to compare the titles of Hamilton and Schumacher" – F1 Drivers – Formula 1


The sixth world title won with two races in advance in Austin projects Lewis Hamilton increasingly in the Olympus of motor racing. After breaking several records over the past few years, including the number of pole positions, the British driver is getting closer and closer to both the number of victories and the seven World Cup in the personal bulletin board of Michael Schumacher, the most successful man in the history of Formula 1.

These days, several authoritative sources have skewed on one comparison between the two champions, which for three years – from 2010 to 2012 – had the opportunity to meet directly on the track, while others proved to be more cautious and conservative from this point of view.

Among these is also Sebastian Vettel, which reiterated how difficult it is to balance the careers of two pilots who lived very different epochs in the top flight: "This year we failed to beat our rivals and hope to do so in 2020, but still I don't like to consider Lewis's title as another step towards Micha's records.isthe – declared the German of Ferrari – I think that what Hamilton and Mercedes have done in these years is something really incredible and you have to respect and honor it, but I'm always convinced that is something different and independent of what others have done in other periods of the sport".

"It is very difficult to make comparisons: the only sure thing we can say is that they deserve what they got. These successes never come by chance" Vettel concluded.

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