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"Vettel and Leclerc must realize that they have damaged Ferrari. I don't blame anyone, but it's not good ”- OA Sport


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Mattia Binotto closes the 2019 Brazilian F1 Grand Prix with two ko cars, zero points, and yet another opportunity thrown to the winds. The Ferrari team principal, once again, will now have to manage the tense reports between Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel and his commentary does not herald calm moments for the two drivers after today's accident. "We are disappointed and sorry – so attacks Sky Sport microphones – I believe that our two pilots today must realize that they have damaged the team. I am well aware that this is a small contact, but they must know that the consequences are wide. "

On what happened on Reta Oposta, prefers not to be a judge. "I don't want to say who made a mistake or not, we'll do it together watching videos because sometimes you can be wrong when you talk hot. The two drivers will have their point of view but today they knew that they were free to compete since they were the fight for third place in the championship. These are errors that do not go well ".

How will the post-race meeting develop? "It doesn't have to be done. Maybe it won't be done because we have to give a strong signal to the team and the drivers. Everyone has their faults and if you ask me what will happen in 2020 if there is a battle for the World Cup? Ben, come … ".

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