Vespa Elettrica to EICMA 2019 in the 70 km / h version. All the details


Electric Vespa it is renewed and exits from the city environment with a new version: same style, same silence, but with a maximum speed that goes from 45km / h of the model currently on the market presented last year (and which will remain on sale) to 70km / h, ideal for a sustainable extra-urban transport from all points of view. The new Vespa Elettrica was presented at EICMA 2019.

Approved as a motorcycle, it is recognized by the red front spring shock absorber and has been optimized in the Power Unit, in the lithium-ion battery pack (of the same size and weight as the 45km / h model) and in the VMS (Vehicle Management System). There are two driving modes, selectable via the MAP button on the right side of the handlebar:

  • ECHO: speed limited to 45km / h with range up to 100km
  • Power: maximum speed of 70km / h with range up to 70km

Piaggio worked on the internal components to optimize the power supplied, just as the software side intervened to achieve higher performance while other conditions remained the same. The result was a faster and, at the same time, quieter vehicle (at the same speed the engine revs are lower).


  • engine: Piaggio electric with KERS
  • power: 3.6kW (4kW peak)
  • torque: 200Nm at the wheel
  • battery: 4.2kWh
  • voltage: 48V
  • capacity: 86Ah
  • charging time: 4 hours with 220V voltage
  • structure: body in sheet steel
  • front suspension: single arm with helical spring and hydraulic single shock absorber
  • rear suspension: hydraulic single shock absorber
  • front wheel rim: 3.00×12 "die-cast aluminum alloy
  • rear wheel rim: die-cast aluminum alloy 3.00×11 "
  • pnenumatic anterior: 110 / 70-12 "tubeless
  • rear tire: 120 / 70-11 "tubeless
  • front brake: 200mm steel disc with hydraulic control
  • rear brake: 140mm drum with mechanical control
  • dimensions: 1870x735mm, seat height 790mm, pitch 1350mm


Attention to detail is the element that distinguishes Vespa Elettrica from its competitors: the LED headlight, the 12 "(front) and 11" (rear) aluminum alloy wheels and the ergonomic saddle give a retro and at the same time modern touch, while a comfortable USB socket is placed under the saddle to charge your smartphone.

The shell is steel, of course, and is 100% customizable – there are six color variants available for the profile, the friezes, the rim of the wheel rims, the saddle stitch and the profile of the Electric plate:

  • Electric Blue
  • Boreal Green
  • Light Yellow
  • Chrome
  • Deep Black
  • Smoke Gray

The 70km / h version is offered with Yellow Lightning finishes and in the Electric Blue, Chrome and Deep Black colors.


The Power Unit supplies a continuous power of 3.6 kW (4 kW peak power). The lithium ion battery is recharged with the cable in the underseat compartment in 4 hours with 220V voltage. With 100% charged battery you can travel up to 100km, thanks also to the support of the KERS that the recharging in deceleration. Piaggio guarantees up to 1000 complete recharge cycles, equal to about 50-70,000 km. Above this threshold, performance drops to 80%.


Vespa Elettrica is equipped with a multimedia system VESPA MIA, through which you can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. There is a 4.3 "color TFT display with twilight sensor and 4 brightness levels. At the center of the screen information such as speed, driving mode, range and battery level are displayed, while on the sides there are the indicators of the quality of the ecological driving and the level of energy used and recovered.

With the smartphone connected you can get data on the app related to the trip (length,% battery, statistics, recharge cycles) and receive notifications of messages and calls directly on the instrument display. On the handlebars there are buttons to answer phone calls and activate the voice assistant (perhaps to listen to music).


There are many accessories offered by Piaggio, starting with the Jet Tech helmet with integrated BT earphones. Among others:

  • colored top box (with or without back)
  • methacrylate windshield
  • chrome front and rear luggage rack
  • perimeter chrome-plated guards
  • demi-jet helmet Vespa VJ Special Edition Vespa Elettrica
  • backpack with LED piping
  • smartphone holder to fix it to the rear-view mirror
  • saddle-handlebar mechanical anti-theft device
  • cover-leg cloth

Prices and availability have not yet been communicated.

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