Very true, the new love of Raz Degan after Paola Barale


Raz Degan he is in love again. He admits, with a touch of embarrassment, in the living room of very true, answering the questions of Silvia Toffanin.

Although the Israeli model came into the studio with the intention of speaking mainly of his professional career, the discourse soon slipped, inevitably, onto private life.

On the other hand, Raz Degan looks really fit: beautiful and particularly smiling, when he sits in front of Silvia Toffanin it is clear that, perhaps, in his life there is some important news, which makes him radiant.

The interview begins by telling about the short that the Israeli artist made to celebrate twenty-five years of the commercial that made his career take off. Degan was an ambitious young man who had just moved to New York when he was selected for an advertisement shot in Italy and destined for the Italian market only, that of a bitter in which the young model had a single fulminating joke, then entered history: "Are just my own".

The short story is actually an opportunity to retrace the career and success of Raz, who looks back and recognizes how far he has managed to go since he was a beautiful restless boy.

Today that boy is a man who travels the world dedicating himself to photography and film making. A man who is experiencing a moment of serenity: the indication of this new happiness is hidden among all the photos posted on his beautiful Instagram channel.

It is an image in which we see a girl sitting in front of a flush swimming pool that looks at the horizon the unmistakable landscape of Santorini: it is on that girl that the attention of Silvia Toffanin is concentrated that she had just asked to to the Israeli model, fresh from his niece's marriage if he too has ever thought of such a step.

A question not by chance, just as it is not by chance that he dwells on the photo of that siren. Who is it? Degan at first is hesitant, visibly embarrassed. But then he lets himself go to a little revelation: "It's called Stewart". And he adds:

We can say that right now I'm fine with Stewart and she is special. I have never been a person who put private life in the street, I have always been reserved. Even now in the social era, I respect my privacy. What you saw is a beautiful picture, which reminds me of a beautiful moment and makes me think of a beautiful person.

A very special person for the Israeli model, so much so that he admits he took her to his love nest: the splendid trullo he has in Puglia, a place that for him, so globetrotting, represents 'home', because it is "a place that I like it, where I only bring people I like ".

So he says to Toffanin, to then close the speech with a smile that says more than a thousand admissions: Raz Degan is again in love and after Paola Barale has decided to open his life to a new woman.

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