Very Mobile and Vuala Mobile. Here are the logos registered by Wind Tre


Very Mobile Logos and Vuala Mobile

We continue to tell you about the thrilling saga of new names of Wind Tre. In recent days, here on we have revealed you in preview that the Luxembourg-based parent company of Wind Tre, in turn totally in the hands of the Chinese of Hutchison Whampoa, has taken steps to register a series of new names for the Italian market.

Here it is now we can also show you the graphics of these new brands which, according to the official documents presented, should appear as in the image above.

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But what are these new logos? If you missed the episodes of this fascinating story you can jump on this article and on this one.

Three new names: Yolo, Very and Vuala. And many, many hypotheses. It is very probable that these recordings of new brands have to do with a project, often feared, of a rebranding total company that according to various authoritative sources should take place already at the beginning of 2020.

Many clues that lead us to think that in the end, Wind Tre wants to give up its historic brands, at least in part.

C ’is the new advertising agency that Wind Tre spa has chosen for articulated communication campaigns already starting from the coming months. And then there are the signals on social networks and on the YouTube channel where practically all the "historical" material of the two brands has been eliminated.

For several days now the official Wind and 3 Italia Facebook pages are completely empty. Very strange for such well-known telephone operators. And the suspicion is strong that the accounts have been emptied to accommodate a completely new image. Completely rethought to position itself on a market that is now highly competitive also due to the entry of Iliad.

Perhaps Wind Tre will remain the reference brands

In these weeks we and our followers are having fun with the hypotheses. Many people think that in the end the Wind and Tre brands, well known on the Italian telephone market, will remain and that behind the new brands we discover lies the design of a b-brand in the Ho and Kena style.

Others, however, always on our pages, have hypothesized that in the end it will prevail over the whole brand 3, the international one of the Group and also established in other European markets, UK in the first place.

This last hypothesis is supported by the history of Hutchison, which in every acquisition / merger has always adopted the trademark of 3. A brand that the Chinese could therefore want to defend and to the detriment of the orange one.

All brand new, 3 Italia, Wind or everything remains as it is now? What do you think about it? As always, we invite you to tell us yours and to comment on this news with us in the comments field below.

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