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(Press review) – The Circus is heading to São Paulo, next weekend the Grand Prize will be held on the beautiful Interlagos circuit. The green-green track requires a lot of power, so at Ferrari it is considering the possibility of equipping Charles Leclerc with a new power unit, the fourth of the season that would entail penalty positions to be served on the starting grid, an investment in view of the grand finale of Abu Dhabi on a track where to overtake – the Brazilian one – is certainly not a problem. There Ferrari he also thoroughly analyzed the break of Sebastian Vettel's suspension in Texas and came to the conclusion that it was pure misfortune. In addition to technical analysis, he still holds the case linked to Max Verstappen's statements released to the Dutch newspaper Ziggo Sport. Today's edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport has addressed these issues, here are some excerpts.

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Fourth engine hypothesis for Charles Leclerc

"(…) The oil leak in the Saturday morning session was analyzed in Maranello and now it is time to decide. Interlagos is a track where power counts (…) If the accused oil leak is not resolved, the decision to mount a fourth unit could certainly allow Charles to attack despite the penalty (overtaking in Brazil is easier) and then to have a high-performance engine for the closure of Abu Dhabi (where the comebacks from behind are more difficult). The alternative of running with the "old" unit is also viable, but penalizing in 2 GPs on 2. (…) ".

No excuse for Ferrari from Red Bull for Verstappen's words

"(…) There is no apology from the Milton Keynes team. Nor are there official notes of the FIA. From federal circles it transpires that Verstappen's statements were not made in an official press conference and therefore would not constitute a breach of the principle of integrity of sports institutions. But there is a (…) if a cardholder goes on TV and states without proving that someone cheats, he is indirectly accusing the arbitrators of not seeing or, worse, being accomplices. Why not call him back? (…) ".

Vettel betrayed by a starting bump

"(…) According to the investigations of the technicians, the carbon cracked at the start in Sebastian's high-speed pass on a bump in the approach to the first corner. Unfortunately the German passed in the only area of ​​the straight where the organizers had not filed the asphalt (in curve 9 the other point interested in the works) after the complaints of the pilots in free practice on Friday. The intervention of the workers during the night between Friday and Saturday concerned the leftmost part, in the exit area of ​​the pit lane, and the rightmost part of the straight, that is the normal trajectory. Vettel passed right into the disconnected point between the two "leveled" areas. The carbon of the suspension suffered the first crack in the bump (Hamilton, Leclerc, Norris and Ricciardo were paraded) and at the eighth lap it gave way. (…) ".

Giusto Ferronato, La Gazzetta dello Sport 9 November 2019

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