Verona, Juric: "Ironic speeches, I spoke with Balotelli. Veloso after Naples has problems, maybe it has nothing to do with …"


The Hellas coach Verona returned to talk about the behavior of his fans and Mario Balotelli's reaction.

Ivan Juric, coach of theHellas Verona, at the press conference he returned to talk about what happened in the match against Brescia and the racially motivated choirs addressed by the Gialloblu fans at Mario Balotelli: "To close this story, I would like to say that everyone I spoke to after the game had the feeling that Balotelli had reacted that way to the whistles and to the ironic chants. The culprits were found, not good, when is so we have to apologize. Well they were so few, but they did everyone harm ".

Juric then added: "If I talked to Mario? Yes, I had asked everyone to be sure not to say stupid things. There were few people, he agreed too. How are Miguel Veloso and Marash Kumbulla physically? We don't know, there will be an evolution. The soleus is a strange muscle, times can vary, for Kumbulla you have to be careful. We need to improve in prevention. Kumbulla took a hit before going to the national team, then started to run badly. Miguel also had back problems after his trip to Naples. We have nothing to do with it, we don't know. "

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