"Verissimo", Raz Degan: "There is a new love in my life"


There is a new love in the life of Raz Degan. To confirm this, after the clues released on social media, it is the actor himself who a "Very true" admits to having a new relationship. "It's a mermaid," Degan quips and adds, "I'm very happy with her." Despite the insistence of Silvia Toffanin the Israeli model manages to avoid responding skillfully without giving further details about his love story.

"I can't say much, it would mean entering his private life", explains the ex-husband of Paola Barale emphasizing that you do not like to put your intimacy in the street. "I have always defended my privacy, I'm a bit old, I don't like putting my private life on social media," concludes Degan. It is certain that it was he, with a photo on Instagram, who started the gossip about his new story.

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