Veneto, bad weather "erases" the coast: damage on the whole coast | Bibione, Caorle and Jesolo towards a state of disaster


The whole coast has suffered considerable damage "The conditions are still critical in all seaside resorts; it is only to be hoped that the wind will not further support the action of the sea. All the delegations report considerable structural damage to the bathing establishments and to the structures in general, in addition to a widespread devastation that will require prolonged and demanding maintenance interventions in keeping me of time and costs The effects on the coast – he explains – seem to be even greater than those reported following the storm of a year ago: the pine forest of Jesolo, Caorle, Eraclea, Bibione, Chioggia : all, really all the places on the Venetian coast have been hit very heavily ".

Towards a state of calamity "We will ask for a state of calamity to repay the damages – observes -, but above all to stimulate the institutions at all levels to ensure that everyone understands once and for all the need to have structural resources for the defense of the coast. and it must not be a problem of the single locality and of the single category but must be an intervention in support of a strategic sector of the economy of our territory ". As for Jesolo, the president of Federconsorzi, Renato Cattai, underlines that "the pine forest is completely devastated and some establishments have literally disappeared. Now we wait for the critical moment to pass and then we will quantify the consequences of the disaster".

Confturismo: "The beach of Bibbione has been slaughtered""The most glaring problem is Venice, but I want to emphasize that I read it very little in the national newspapers that we had very big problems on the beaches", adds Marco Michielli, president of Confturismo and Federalberghi Veneto, as well as national vice president of both federations. "The beach in Bibione has been practically 'slaughtered', the port with winds at 100 per hour will have at least one million euros of damage only from boats. In Jesolo the water has reached downtown. We have the lower floors flooded up at two meters high, "he underlines.

Anger for the Mose: we've been waiting for it for 10 years "It's been 10 years since the Mose should be operational – then Michielli attacks -. As far as I'm concerned I have very little confidence that it will work but I hope I'm wrong and I'm ready to take back what I said and to apologize. But they have to prove quickly that it works , testing it within a few months! ".

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