Venerated at CN24: "Some players have not taken a decision by Ancelotti well. ADL works to reduce 50% of the monthly salary!"



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Ciro Venerato, RAI market expert, took stock of the latest news at Napoli and Ancelotti

Latest news from the Naples market – Ciro Venerato, RAI journalist and market expert, spoke at CalcioNapoli24 Live, a program broadcast on CalcioNapoli24 TV. Here is the statement:

"Today's retreat is something already decided, this makes us understand the madness of the gesture of the players who only had to sleep one more day at Castel Volturno. On Friday they already knew they were going to retreat, they are all shitting for an extra day of withdrawal to put it on a practical level: the Naples press releases say everything and nothing, you can't put the things happening in the locker room in the streets, what happened is of absolute gravity, the players don't have any kind of moral support on my part "Nothing authorizes to desert a withdrawal decided by the owner who pays. The players who go to the AIC and the lawyers to protect themselves, ADL that protects itself with Grassani to get money from its members: this is the picture. I heard that De Laurentiis he is working fast to remove 50% of the gross monthly salary, including the image rights contract. It was known that Insigne did not like the position that Ancelotti gave him. oulibaly to those figures, you never know how he lives the last year. The same goes for Allan, I said this last January.

Venerable Ancelotti Allan

I said that Naples would have a nice problem at home and that it was necessary to adjust his salary to the figures proposed by Paris Saint-Germain. After January, the Allan of the first months of Ancelotti's first year has been revised. I never hid the dust under the rug. In two days Ancelotti played on credibility and the relationship with the locker room. De Laurentiis understood that Ancelotti's muscles are not so powerful. I said in unsuspected times that ADL had not taken Ancelotti's press conference well; now I say with the same certainty that some players have not taken well the choice of Ancelotti to separate from the mutiny. It seems difficult to backtrack. Some of them are evaluating some countermeasures by linking themselves to some statements by the president who could damage their image. Right now it's wall to wall, we hope the situation can return to normal ".

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