"Vecino? Important for football. When there is weight you feel"


The former Inter defender talked about the performance of Conte's team and Vecino who scored the equalizer today

After falling behind, Inter reacts in the second half, overturns the race and wins three very important points. Now Conte's team can wait for the Juve match against Milan from first in the standings. At Sky Sport, Lele Adani talked about the Nerazzurri's performance and in particular Matias Vecino:

"The suffering of the second half is growth. Match always done well. Vecino as always is a. Even in difficulties reacts, team always alive. Immediately in the right lane those who are stimulating react, the coach's hand can also be seen in that outburst. Conte is the one there. go there to get to today. Barella first thought, accepted the challenge, could not verticalize and bet on himself. Vecino? An important player for Conte, Spalletti, Tabarez. Important for football. Someone still does not understand the importance of Matias Vecino. If when you don't feel the lack, the truth is that you feel the weight when there is "

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