Usa 2020: Bloomberg towards candidacy "to beat Trump". Warren: "Welcome". Sanders: "It's not change"


NEW YORK – Michael Bloomberg think again. Yes, the seventy-seven-year-old billionaire mayor of New York, the sworn enemy of Donald Trump and the eleventh richest man in America thanks to a fortune estimated at 52.9 billion dollars, this time he seems intent on getting serious.Ready to jump himself into the fray of the most crowded democratic primaries ever: after denying he wanted to do it only a few months ago. And instead, writes the New York Times, immediately followed by the major American media, already in the next few hours it could present the documents to apply in the state ofAlabama.



Mr. Bloomberg's return, his millions against Trump

Where it is true that we vote for the primaries only on March 3, or that super Tuesday that sees the largest number of states express their candidate. But closes the registrations on Friday: forcing those who are still thinking of trying the challenge, to tighten the times. In short: even if Bloomberg had not yet decided 100 percent, depositing his name allows him to leave an open door.In the last few weeks, you know, many things have changed. And evidently even the former mayor of New York feels the pressure of the moment. Because if it's true, there are 16 candidates in the race, but according to the polls nobody really can beat them President Trump in those states at risk capable of determining elections, from Michigan to Pennsylvania, from Wisconsin to North Carolina.


USA, Bloomberg joins the Democrats: first step towards the race for the White House

Joe Biden, the former vice president at the time of Barack Obama, considered the candidate capable of winning the moderate electorate, he is in trouble because of that Ukrainagate who together with Donald Trump risks damaging him too. The Massachusetts senator's campaign Elizabeth Warren he is doing very well: but if you were to win the nomination, his very leftist proposals on issues such as health and taxes could scare the middle class. Just like Bernie Sanders: the Vermont socialist senator, in his second presidential campaign.

On the other hand, as we know, Bloomberg never believed in memberships: for a long time registered as a democrat, in 2001 he won the municipal elections in New York by appearing with the Republicans. Unless then come into conflict even with those and present themselves for the third term as an independent. Which perhaps is the definition that best represents it: on issues such as arms control – he is the founder of the anti-weapons organization Everytown for Gun Safety – environment, immigration and gay marriages, his heart is definitely on the left.

But on economic issues it is more in line with the right. The billionaire, then, has never concealed the antipathy for Donald Trump's way of doing politics: antithetical to his. Already in 2016, after rumors about his possible presidential candidacy for some time (not recommended by the polls, however) he had gone to support Hillary Clinton in a speech at the Democratic convention in Philadelphia where he attacked Trump, calling him a "dangerous demagogue". To then sink: "I too have built an empire. Without needing Dad's money".

Elizabeth Warren welcomes

Elizabeth Warren welcomes the race "to Michael Bloomberg who is considering running the US presidency as a Democrat." If you are looking for very popular political plans that can make a huge difference to the families of workers, start here ", he tweeted Warren, posting his "billionaire calculator" that allows voters to check how much taxis would pay if she was elected president.Warren's plan provides for a 2% tax on net assets of between 50 million and one billion and 3% on those over one billion. Bloomberg, who declared a $ 52 billion wealth, is one of the examples Warren quoted in his computer that he charges for him $ 3.078 billion next year if the senator was elected.

Sanders, Bloomberg? Another billionaire is not change

"More and more billionaires seeking more political power certainly do not represent the change that America needs". Thus Senator Bernie Sanders commented on the possible candidacy for the Democratic primaries for Michael Bloomberg's race for the White House.
"The billionaire class is frightening and must be," added the Vermont senator who calls himself a socialist.

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