Up to Christmas it will be more and more Lu-La. Stop: Conte has already recommended himself with the Nationals


With the accident of Politano, theInter will always be on the shoulders of Lautaro Martinez is Romelu Lukaku. "It has been like this since the last stop: 6 races out of 6 from the holders. And the prospect is to continue like this at least until Christmas, evidently with less chance of taking the breath even in the final race – writes the Corriere dello Sport -. In the ranking of the most used Nerazzurri, the Belgian and the Argentine occupy the 4th and 6th place respectively. It would not be a surprise if in a few weeks they had to ascend a few positions. The only alternative left to With you is Esposito, thrown into the fray in the first leg with the Borussia Dortmund, and then also with Parma and Brescia. And who knows if sooner or later you won't even play it from the beginning. In such a delicate moment, however, it is always better to be prudent, especially when dealing with a 17-year-old, albeit of extraordinary talent and potential ".

In view of the nearby stop, "Conte has already begun to recommend himself with all his national teams and in particular with Lukaku and Lautaro. The first is" punctually "returned to Appiano with some ailments on the occasion of the other two breaks. The second last March he had hurt himself with Seleccion, losing 3 races. Well, given that Belgium is already qualified for the Europeans and Argentina will only have two friendlies, he expects them not to remain in the field for 180 '".

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