Universiade, the vice president of the Bonavitacola Region under investigation


The inquiry into the Universiade arrives at the noble floor of Palazzo Santa Lucia. The vice president of the region Fulvio Bonavitacola, the man who has always been closer to the governor Vincenzo De Luca, is being investigated for corruption in one of the strands of the investigation, that on the reception of the athletes who participated in the sporting event.By order of the prosecutors Henry John Woodcock and Francesco Raffaele, owners of the file with the coordination of the prosecutor Giovanni Melillo, the carabinieri searched the Grand Hotel Salerno, a luxurious hotel located on the city's waterfront where just under a thousand people were hosted to university delegations from all over the world. The investigators asked to acquire the register of payments for the current year to check the overnight stays at the Bonavitacola or possibly family members.
The investigative hypothesis, to which the investigators are now looking for evidence, is that the hotel has been chosen as one of the Universiade's reception areas by virtue of the privileged relationship, dating back over time, between Bonavitacola and the sole director of the company owner of the hotel, Rocco Chechile, now in turn investigated for corruption.The investigators have acquired, in addition to some payment receipts registered to a family member of the vice president of the Region, also the lists of the names of the clients lodged in the hotel sent (as foreseen by the law) to the police headquarters of Salerno in some days of June and last July to verify if, in hypothesis, Bonavitacola was hosted without any communication of his presence. Everyone will be able to respond to the accusations in subsequent steps of the procedure. The defense may eventually appeal to the Review to obtain the return of the seized material.

Under consideration by the public prosecutor's office there are various profiles of the administrative management of the event, renamed the small Olympics in Naples, which took place between 3 and 14 with the participation of university athletes from 118 different countries.

Even the choice, very controversial, of hosting the Olympic village aboard two MSC and Costa cruise ships ended up in the spotlight of the investigators. On this side, the magistrates felt as witnesses, among others, the prefect Maria Latella, who for seven months, between January and July 2018, guided the organizational machine of the Universiade as commissioner.

Another chapter concerns the modalities with which the transfer service managed by taxi, rental cars with driver and minivan of the accredited persons (presidents, members of the delegations, race officials, journalists) was arranged during the races. At work, next to the Carabinieri of the Operations Department, there is also the Core of the Guardia di Finanza.

At the beginning of October, when the first news on the prosecution's investigation came out, the extraordinary commissioner of the ARR, the regional agency that organized the event, Gianluca Basile, underlined: «We are calm, we worked in full transparency out of hundreds of contracts, the documents are available. We await the work of the judiciary ".

In these first months of investigations, the investigators have acquired documentation to the ARR and have also received collaboration from the Anac, which carried out the "preventive" control on the tenders announced for the event, which led to the redevelopment of 58 sports facilities with an expenditure of 127 million invested by the Region.

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